Success Stories

“Before working with Eddy my back was really painful. I was struggling to move. I couldn’t drive. I was a bit anxious as I’ve never done anything like this before, but the process has been really positive and very relaxing. My back is so much better!”

Sandra Everett

Retired grandmother

“I was very overweight and suffered from knee pain which had become limiting in my day to day life. It  had got to the point where even walking around the supermarket was difficult. I wanted to lose weight because I hated the way I looked and hoped it would help make me more mobile. 

I have lost nearly 3 stone which is great, and my blood pressure and cholesterol levels have gone down; but the main, and totally unexpected result, is I am totally mobile again. I have enjoyed holidays and been able to go for long walks on rough terrain with no pain at all.”

Maxine Difford

Senior Advisor

“Before working with Eddy I had constant knee pain; frequent neck, shoulder and back pain and I was recovering from foot injury. These frequently impacted on my ability to exercise, particularly dancing.  l felt improvements in all problem areas and others after the first couple of sessions and they keep improving as time goes on.  I can land a jump on my bad foot without it hurting!

Eddy has a plethora of techniques to use to deal with how you are feeling that day: investigative biomechanics issues, pressure point massage, wedge realignment work, gait analysis and traditional exercises with a new twist to name but a few.”

Tamara Sheret

Lead Data Scientist, dancer

“I was suffering from a groin injury for 6-8 weeks and the pain became so unbearable I approached Eddy for some advice. He gave me exercises to work with to stretch and activate muscles. After 2-3 weeks of continuous exercises everyday the pain started to go and now I am able to go to the gym and enjoy exercise without a constant nagging pain. Absolutely brilliant, I would definitely recommend! I’m so pleased that I can go to the gym and workout without pain. Thank you so much!”

Megan Dobbs

Student, fitness enthusiast

“I had a thoroughly debilitating Achilles’ tendon injury, which caused a lot of pain to walk and stopped me running completely. Eddy investigated the root cause, rather than just the injury itself and treated the cause. I was back in training for a half marathon within three months, having barely been able to walk. I also feel stronger and am aware of my better posture, whether that’s while swinging one of my kids around, or out running.”

Stephen Coates

Executive Director, long distance runner

“I have had scoliosis since I was 14. I suffered with terrible headaches as I had no muscles to support my spine.

It must had been 3rd or 4th session when I realised that this person is not only showing me exercises to build up the strength in my back, which was great, but he also closely studied my spine throughout the training. The slight adjustments to moving one of my arms left or right, higher or lower to adapt the exercise to my body, made a massive difference. I wasn’t in a fight with my body anymore. The exercise became a joint effort between my mind, body and the action. By introducing body rotation, I have realised that these simple exercises are harder than what they look and very effective especially in my situation.

For me the best result from training with Eddy is definitely my body awareness. He listens and understands your needs. Eddy is not only professional and respectful but he is a fantastic person to work with and most importantly very knowledgeable!”

Zuzana Read

Finance Manager, gym goer

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