PainFree: Treatment

Advanced Assessment and Manual Therapy

Where you’re at:

You struggle with more or less constant back/neck/joint pain and it’s limiting you daily activities. You wonder why you’re just not getting better and find that everyone you’ve been to see is treating or focusing on your symptoms rather than the actual cause of your pain.

The problems you have right now:

When you wake up in the mornings your body is stiff. You struggle with things such as sitting or standing for long periods of time, driving, bending over and lifting things. You’ve tried seeing all kinds of therapists, and you’ve been told to use pain killers but nothing works.

What you need help with right now:

You need to find and treat the root cause of your pain. Treating the symptoms doesn’t work. Your motor control centre in your brain needs to re-learn how to send the right signals to your body so it can perform movements well, with ease and pain free. It needs to learn how to optimally engage your deep core muscles to take the stress off of those overworking back muscles. You want to get back to being pain free and enjoying life like you deserve.

If this sounds like you, PainFree: Treatment is PERFECT for you.

Using the latest advances in manual therapy, we use tried and tested assessments to pinpoint the root cause of your pain and treat your specific ailments accordingly.

With PainFree Treatment you Will:

  • Find the root cause of your pain
  • Get your own fast and effective corrective protocol specific to YOUR pain
  • Perform integrated movement patterns to re-learn dysfunctional and painful movement
  • Learn the truth about posture
  • Learn why most people struggle with pain, especially back pain

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