Advanced Manual And Movement Therapy

What you may be experiencing right now:

You may be struggle with constant or intermittent pain with certain movements or positions, and it’s limiting your daily activities, or the activities you love to do the most.

You may be struggling with things such as; back pain, sciatica type symptoms, shoulder pain, golfers/tennis elbow, hip pain, runners knee, achilles strain, plantar fasciitis, muscle strains and joint pain, to name a few.

You may feel your body is twisted and out of alignment, and you may even feel that your symptoms may be something to do with another part of you body, connected in some way, but you’re not quite sure how.

You may struggle with things such as sitting or standing for long periods of time, driving, bending over and lifting things. It may even be stopping you from playing the sports you love and it may even be affecting your work. You may have tried other therapies, had scans, but nothing seems to work or you can’t find any answers.

What you may need help with right now:

We need to find the root cause of your pain.

Chasing the symptoms simply doesn’t work. Finding the WHY is far more important than the what.

Pain free movement is our primary goal.

At PainFree we are practitioners of Neurokinetic Therapy® and Anatomy In Motion, along with Sports Massage Therapy and other techniques.

We’ll show you how the different parts of your body are connected, how this affects alignment, and WHY this may be causing your pain.

Using our unique NKT® and AiM assessments, we can then structure a corrective protocol specific to YOU to get you pain free and ready for anything in the most effective way possible.

“Do your complaints keep recurring? Do you feel like you’re chasing the pain? Treat the cause of dysfunction, not the symptoms. NeuroKinetic Therapy® corrective movement system addresses the cause of pain – dysfunctional movement patterns stored in the brain. Discover why NKT® system is the missing link in your treatment protocol.”

“Most therapies concentrate on stabilising structures. We recognise that movement is ever present in the system so why stabilise what should be mobilised? All joints move in concert with each other but they somehow lose their way over the years. Regardless of your discomfort, our goal is to teach your body to find centre by following the map of the Flow Motion Model. A centred and balanced body is one in which the human body holds the richest environment for your healing to take place.”

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