About PainFree: Advanced PT

Founded by Eddy Stafford, PainFree was born to bridge the gap between personal training and pain/injury therapy. Generally, people don’t know where to go when experiencing chronic pain or injury difficulties, and if they do, the issues aren’t usually resolved to the greatest affect and not for the long term. This makes it even more difficult when that individual wants to get in shape. PainFree is about finding the root cause of pain, treating it to the greatest affect, and turning suffering into living life to the full for as long as you will live.

Eddy’s story:

“I started my fitness journey like most people. I was overweight, yoyo dieting, depressed, you name it. I’ve been fat, I’ve been thin and everything in between. When I started to get my act together, I started to get great results. But one thing was certain; I was still suffering! But this time it was physical pain. Injuries kept popping up and for no apparent reason. I’d be thinking “why does my shoulder feel like it’s going to explode?! Why does my hip feel like it’s going to pop?!” After numerous trips to therapists, nothing seemed to help. Then over time it started to affect me mentally and emotionally. I’d be thinking “why me? Why doesn’t my body work like everyone else’s?” And not only that, in my fitness career, I noticed that a lot of my clients were in a similar situation.

After numerous scans (which showed little wrong; some bone spurs and a labral cyst) and trips to the doctors, I was booked in for shoulder arthroscopy (surgery). I knew I had to do something to avoid surgery. I knew that treating/having surgery on the symptoms wasn’t going to fix the cause, and therefore fix nothing! I delved into research and submerged myself in the complexity that is the human body and how it works as a whole. I researched how the body communicates with itself through the nervous system, how various muscles work together to produce certain movements and how every joint in the human body is affected by every other joint in the human body. A bit like the butterfly affect; one movement or joint position in one part of the body has a nock on affect to every other joint or part of the body. Therefore feeling pain in one particular area maybe caused by something you might think is completely unrelated.

So, I decided to avoid surgery. I learnt from the best therapists and coaches I could find (and still do), I applied everything I knew, and completely rehabbed my shoulder. My body feels the best it has done in years. I’m having fun whilst getting back in shape and smashing other injuries out of the ball park. I look and feel better than I ever have, I’m doing things again that I never thought I’d be able to do agin (gymnastics, weight training, skiing to name a few!) and I’m giving my body the love and care it deserves (which I never did before getting injured).

I used to think that the only way to get in shape and be healthy was to slog it out in the gym day in day out, go beast mode every time, eat 100% clean, cut out carbs here and there, and all the rest. I now know that this is probably the best way (unknowingly for most) to pain and a life of misery.

I now dedicate my time to helping people become pain free, looking great, feeling amazing and moving like they were a kid again.”

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